INFOR Financial Inc.


Our integrated restructuring team have diverse backgrounds in law, accounting and insolvency—placing us in a unique position to help companies undergoing restructuring.

Over the years, we’ve developed robust relationships with the distressed debt and distressed bond communities, allowing us to access capital, identify potential partners, drive support and uncover innovative financing solutions for clients facing—or in the midst of—insolvency. Our expansive network gives us access to countless options—such as DIP financing, receivables financing or other unique debt structures—to best meet your specific needs.

And because independence is one of our core values, we don’t maintain any legacy balance sheet positions or proprietary investments, so you know we will always lead negotiations impartially and in a way that prioritizes your best interests.

Our lengthy list of restructuring services includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Conducting in-depth analyses and devising tailored solutions for companies in financial distress
  • Advising official and ad hoc committees, as well as individual creditors, in restructuring situations
  • Executing sales on behalf of both buyer and seller, as well as advising plan sponsors, for distressed M&A transactions
  • Working with financial sponsor professionals to advise sponsor-owned portfolio companies
  • Assisting financial sponsors in acquiring distressed businesses

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