INFOR Financial Inc.

Risk Advisory

Derivative transactions, whether referencing interest rates, FX, equity, or commodities, are some of the most opaque in the capital markets—and, for this reason, among the most lucrative for banks. We know this all too well, because we’ve been on the other side.

We’re one of the only boutique firms in Canada that knows how these transactions are structured and priced because, not long ago, we structured and priced them. Our extensive relationships in the industry—which include traders, structurers, and quants—augments our deep knowledge of these markets so we can advise our clients on the best possible structures and pricing for their needs. We offer invaluable insight into structured products, derivatives, risk management and related modeling. And because we’re not involved in proprietary trading ourselves our clients can rest assured that our advice is impartial and independent. Our interests are perfectly aligned with those of our clients.

Our list of risk advisory services includes:

  • Ensuring market transparency of bank execution
  • Designing Risk Mitigation programs
  • Swap Credit Spread Analysis and Fairness Opinions
  • Financial Statement Analysis of Embedded Market Risks
  • Portfolio modifications to extract savings
  • Analysis of banks’ attempts to modify terms of existing contracts
  • Counterparty risk management and analysis

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