Our Firm

Core Values


It’s not simply our extensive experience that sets us apart at INFOR, it’s the wisdom we’ve accrued from it. Over the years, we’ve seen it all—hostile bids, friendly bids, IPOs, primary and secondary offerings , restructurings, bankruptcies, insolvencies—and through each transaction, we learned to identify certain nuances and further hone our business instinct. As a result, our ability to offer sophisticated strategic advice is unparalleled; our insight and wisdom invaluable.



At INFOR, our one and only objective is to provide our clients with sophisticated, insightful, forward-thinking advice. That’s why independence is so important to us. We don’t lend. We don’t trade. And we don’t execute derivatives transactions for our own account. Period. But while you’ll never see us on the opposite side of such transactions, you will benefit from our extensive experience in these areas, along with the unique perspective and valuable advice that comes from it.


Forward Thinking

We see things differently at INFOR, and our track record proves it. Our team boasts a history of firsts—our people led the largest technology IPO, the largest corporate restructuring, the largest secondary offering, the largest blind pool and the first non-investment grade rate reset preferred -share deal in Canadian history. These achievements were born from an innovative mindset—and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. We bring that thought process, along with pure grit and determination, to everything we do.



We believe in our clients, our partners and our community—and we treat others the way we’d like to be treated. That’s true both inside and outside of the office, reflecting our collective goal of living lives we can be proud of.



To truly excel at what you do, you need to enjoy it. At INFOR, we’re in this business because we’re passionate about it. We work harder than others to help our clients meet their objectives, which is likely why so many of them, over the years, have become some of our closest friends.



Our clients see us as much more than external advisors—we’re an integral part of their team. In our books, there’s no greater compliment. We strive to develop true partnerships with each of our clients. We’re not in it for one transaction, we’re in it for the long haul—and our service reflects that. This sense of loyalty and dedication is uniform across our entire company. All of us share our core values and our unwavering drive to offer value to our clients. Our professionals are owners, not employees, so your success is, quite literally, their success.