Inspired and driven by innovative solutions for business

INFOR Financial is Canada’s leading independent advisory investment bank committed to offering sophisticated, insightful, forward-thinking financial advice. Ranked as Canada’s top independent M&A advisor, we help corporations, entrepreneurs, governments and the investment community make sound business decisions, enabling them to realize their growth goals—and their world-class potential.

our mandate

Relentless Commitment. Superior Results.

“Our track record is characterized by relentless commitment, whether we are facilitating an M&A transaction, raising capital, or advising on a restructuring.”


Neil Selfe

CEO and Managing Principal

our motto

We don't like the word 'No'

We don’t like the word ‘No’ and we work relentlessly to avoid hearing it. However, our success is due, in large part, to the high calibre of our clients. We take on mandates based on potential, rather than size, and work with businesses whose leaders demonstrate the passion and determination necessary to build world-class organizations. In short, we work hard for our clients because we believe in them—which is why they see us as more than bankers. We’re trusted business partners; members of their team, forcefully advocating their interests.

what's in a name?

INFOR Financial

We really stand for our principles and core values. In fact, our name is derived from them—a reminder of our commitment to ourselves and our clients.

Our Founding

With over 30 years of experience as an accountant, lawyer, investment banker and entrepreneur, Neil built INFOR Financial to help the best Canadian businesses achieve world-class potential. Our team is made up of leading corporate finance professionals, entrepreneurs and business executives that have earned a name for themselves, not by managing, but by doing.