We do everything in our power to find the right solution for our clients.

We spend a lot of time upfront assessing a client’s ideas, understanding their business and dissecting their objectives, so when we do take them on, we know we’ll exceed their expectations.

Our strategy works. We’ve completed some of the largest and highest-profile transactions in Canadian history, as well as many that helped turn small Canadian businesses into much larger enterprises. We specialize in raising public and private capital (including equity, debt and quasi-equity). Whether institutional investors, pension plans, endowments or high-net-worth individuals, we know the global investment community intimately and they trust us. 

Our list of capital raising services includes:

Structuring and executing customized financing solutions for corporations and financial buyers

Advising and executing on all aspects of public and private debt and equity offerings

Identifying potential capital structure strategies and solutions

Assessing optimal capitalization and sources of incremental capital

Preparing investor materials

Managing due diligence

Communicating with investors globally