Episode 23:

The total market for digital assets is bigger than just Bitcoin and continues to expand at a rapid rate. So how expansive can our emerging digital economy get?
Andrew Kiguel, Co-Founder and CEO of Tokens.com joins Kenrick on the podcast to talk about his experience as a crypto entrepreneur and the logarithmic expansion of the Metaverse, DeFi and NFT based digital assets. Kenrick and Andrew break down the biggest buzzwords in the crypto space from Web 3 to Decentraland, unpack the vast Real Estate opportunity in the Metaverse, and why everyone including Rapper Snoop Dogg is immersing themselves in this new digital world.

Guest Speaker - Andrew Kiguel

Andrew Kiguel is the co-founder and CEO of Tokens.com, a publicly listed company that invests in Metaverse real estate, DeFi and NFT related digital assets. Andrew also co-founded and is the former CEO of Hut 8 Mining, one of the largest publicly listed bitcoin miners in the world. Prior to that, Andrew spent 20 years as an investment banker with a focus on technology and real estate. Andrew is an accomplished executive with leadership experience in capital markets, corporate governance and entrepreneurship.

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