Episode 26:

As “return to work” mandates are put into effect, employees and employers have embraced a hybrid model where employees can indeed find office space closer to home – but not necessarily their guest bedroom. Enter: Flexday.
Justin Raymond, CEO & Founder of Flexday, joins Kenrick Sylvestre to discuss the Flexday app, how the marketplace works with landlords, brokers and co-working spaces, and what kinds of options are available for companies that are looking to save costs by downsizing or shrinking their overall real estate footprint. A hybrid work model creates a “distributed” employee base and the Flexday solution essentially keeps employees and employers connected to flexible office space. Flexday provides a solution that helps modernize the way landlords, brokers and tenants operate and they are poised to disrupt the office space model as we know it.

Guest Speaker - Justin Raymond

Justin Raymond is the Founder and CEO Flexday and a “serial” entrepreneur who has spent almost 25 years founding startup companies. He has a passion for building enduring businesses that make a lasting and net-positive impact on people, cities and our planet.

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