Episode 31:

How much of a role does technology have in building a community? For Joseph Nakhla, Founder and CEO at Tribe Property Technologies, not only is technology an essential part of managing a multifamily residential property, but it is also key to addressing the needs of property managers, landlords, and property owners alike.
Kenrick is joined by Joseph to discuss urbanization trends in both Canada and the United States, how “unaffordable housing” is pushing new families to the condo market or multifamily residences, the impact of rising interest rates, how rental rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels, and the complexities involved with condo modernization and residential community living. With the exponential growth of condo developments in North America, there is a dire need for modernization that allows property managers, property owners, and tenants to become more “interconnected” when it comes to communication, services, and oversight. Kenrick and Joseph explore what Tribe’s technology looks like, their digital partnerships, and how with 8 acquisitions in their history and approximately 40,000 units under management today, why Tribe is at the leading edge of a major digital transformation in the real estate industry.

Guest Speaker - Joseph Nakhla

With two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Joseph founded bazinga! in 2012, the world’s first cloud-based platform designed to improve the experience of community-living in cities. In 2017, his passion for improving community living naturally progressed into the vision behind Tribe Management Inc.

Having lived in multi-family communities, Joseph realized that there was a need for a tool to help Strata Councils and residents communicate efficiently, consolidate documents, and more. This was the beginning to a bold improvement in strata management – setting the foundation to revolutionize the industry.

Outside of work, Joseph loves giving back to his community. As a seasoned soccer player, he has been coaching junior and premier league teams for the past 25 years. On the weekends, you can find him smoking up meat and making homemade rotisserie with his wife, and 3 kids.

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