Episode 20:

The capital markets is experiencing significant disruption so Investor Relations and Corporate Communications have become more important than ever.
Q4 Inc. is leading the way with a comprehensive capital markets communications platform used by public companies, investment banks and investors to discover, communicate and engage with one another. In this episode, Kenrick Sylvestre is joined by Founder and CEO of Q4 Inc. Darrell Heaps to discuss the landscape and the 15-year journey from a “start-up” to one of the Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Companies in 2021. They also unpack the importance of investor relations, investor activism, and investor conferences in both the digital and physical space.

Guest Speaker - Darrell Heaps

Darrell Heaps is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career building innovative software companies. As the Founder and CEO of Q4, Darrell has led the company’s vision and unique strategy, most recently leading Q4 through its $100m CAD IPO and driving Q4’s leadership position in the capital markets. Together with the global Q4 team, Darrell is transforming the way public companies, investors and investment banks discover, engage and communicate with each other resulting in more effective and efficient interactions.

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