Episode 10:

Sneakers are no longer just for running. Sneakers have evolved into a culture, a status symbol, a platform, an investment and a multi-billion dollar global industry!

In this episode Kenrick is joined by Dion Walcott, Principal at Yellowbrick Impact which provides access to education through funded scholarships enabled by brand partnerships.  Dion has made some incredible moves using sneakers to support social action and create opportunities for brands to pursue diversity and career opportunities. So what’s in a sneaker? We discuss kicks, Sneakerheads, brand activations, sneaker design, the booming business behind StockX, and why it’s important to invest in impactful initiatives like Yellowbrick and MARTK’D.

Guest speaker - Dion Walcott

Dion Walcott created Martk’d to cultivate conversations using both contemporary and sneaker culture to drive change within today’s modern marketplace. His deep knowledge in navigating educational structures, social causes with an impact, and business growth opportunities has allowed him to successfully work alongside major institutions and corporations implementing engagement and partnership strategies. Over the last decade, Dion has built a practice rooted in building creative partnerships in education, youth initiatives, and community development both locally and internationally. Dion has done this by developing relationships with a wide range of brands, community organizations, educational institutions, start-up businesses, and youth and engaging in meaningful, impactful conversations that connect generations.

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