Episode 33:

We know that the Electric Vehicle boom is well underway but what is the state of the EV charger network in Canada? How vast is it today and is it developed enough to support mass EV adoption in this country?
In this episode, Kenrick is joined by Christopher Misch, Founder and CEO of ChargerQuest, an emerging Canadian EV charging company that is focused on turnkey EV infrastructure servicing hospitality, real estate, commercial businesses, high traffic hubs and more. Christopher and Kenrick discuss the EV industry as a whole, the costs and benefits of owning an EV, government incentives, tax credits, the challenges facing EV charging infrastructure and ChargerQuest’s two-pronged approach to finding success in the industry.

Guest Speaker - Christopher Misch

Christopher Misch is Founder and CEO of ChargerQuest, Canada’s electric vehicle charging network. CQ owns and operates the most innovative smart electric vehicle charging stations – located on our host partner properties. Through strategic partnerships and innovative revenue generating programs, ChargerQuest is uniquely positioned to establish Canada’s most comprehensive EV charging network. Prior to founding ChargerQuest, Christopher was the Vice President of Sun Country Highway, a company whose mission was to help create global infrastructure for the electric vehicle industry. Christopher also spent approximately 7 years in the healthcare industry after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Phoenix. Over the past 20 years Christopher has held diverse and progressive leadership positions in automotive, renewable energy, healthcare, health and safety, risk management, business start-up and education.

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