Episode 16:

As Blockchains continue to mature and Blockchain applications keep getting more and more advanced, they are changing the world as we know it.
In this episode Kenrick is joined by Founder and CEO of SX Network and Layer 2 Blockchain, Andrew Young, to break down some of the most commonly used key terms in the blockchain world, explain the function of Layer 2 Blockchains, opine on the validity of Non-Fungible tokens (or NFTs) as investments and helps us understand the different classifications of crypto token asset classes. Andrew also walks us through the value proposition and difference between a blockchain token, which represents a piece of a “mini digital economy”, versus a distributed app token that only gives fractional ownership of a single application, and why Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has the potential to disrupt the centralized banking system, art markets and even voting standards.

Guest Speaker - Andrew Young

Andrew Young has been operating full-time in the crypto space since 2017, specializing in the analysis of economic incentives and tokenomics of new DeFi projects. He is also the co-founder of SX Network (SportX), a DeFi prediction market and blockchain Andrew regularly engages in DeFi-related podcasts and interviews, and publishes research reports examining the crypto space.

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